September 12th 2015 – 9/11 Remembrance and Joe West, Founder and President of Vet Events Tally


September 12th 2015 – 9/11 Remembrance and Joe West

Joe West is founder and president of Vet Events Tally. As a Vietnam veteran, Joe has brought to the organization his passion and his insight into veterans and their personal needs, as well as other opportunities to recognize veterans for their contributions. Brien will talk with Joe about the organization and those events that are planned for this coming week related to POW/MIA Vietnam veterans.

In observance of our nation’s remembrance of September 11th, 2001, Brien will talk about his personal experiences, and those observances around our community that characterize how Tallahassee underscores the contributions of first responders and veterans and all who serve the general public through various means. Those committed to volunteering their time, along with all of those who serve with first responders are appreciated for their personal commitment to our general welfare as a community.