September 19th 2015 – Dr Audra Pittman, Executive Director of COCA and Mark Wallheiser, Tallahassee Photojournalist


Dr. Audra Pittman joins Brien in conversation about her new role as Executive Director of COCA (Council On Culture & Arts), her vision for the organization, and for the Tallahassee arts community, plus discuss the possibility of an arts center. Brien will also talk with Dr. Pittman what the impacts are of an expanding Tallahassee population, the university systems, and City and County administrators on the arts and entertainment.

Brien will talk with long-time Tallahassee Photojournalist Mark Wallheiser about his thirty-four year career. Being a long-time Tallahassee-area resident/professional, Brien will talk with Mark about the changes in professional photography and in Tallahassee, and what he wants people to think of most when they think of his work.