Tallahassee Unsung Hero Awards

25 People You Probably Will Never Know

Rather than seeking power for themselves, heroes seek to empower others. They prefer to see others achieve their goals apart from any public notoriety. In this way, these people demonstrate true leadership.

As a popular idiom, the “unsung hero” is defined as someone who provides a great benefit to others, has performed exceptionally good work, or has performed some heroic deed or function. As such, they are the ones who put in countless hours with or without pay to ensure that those they serve will receive the greatest possible benefit and that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end.

The UNSY Awards celebrate these unsung Tallahassee heroes. It recognizes the contributions of those in the Tallahassee community who work behind the scenes to encourage, instruct, protect, and provide for others with tireless determination, and a cooperative spirit.