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Tallahassee continues in its efforts to shed an old way of thinking, believing, and making decisions about those who matter most.

Rick Minor

Leon County Commissioner District 3 Rick Minor will talk with Brien about the proposed “Monroe Makeover” initiative which promises to deliver a revitalization of the North Monroe corridor as it approaches the Interstate 10 interchange. At stake is the $16.8 million being offered by the U.S. Department of Transportation which in its Safe Streets for All grant provisions requires a 20% from the local community. The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency has $4.216 million available for its own North Monroe Gateway improvements. A public petition is being circulated to show support for the use of those Blueprint funds toward this effort.

Tallahassee Food Challenge
Tallahassee Food Challenge 2024

The 2024 Tallahassee Food Challenge Campaign begins in February each year and continues its promotional advertising and events through May. This year’s campaign will focus on the work of Hunger Fight in Tallahassee.

Aimed at encouraging increased support for local food charities, the Campaign is scheduled during the spring months in anticipation of the closing of school-based food assistance programs and the shortage of food supplies that occur.

Shari Hubbard, formerly the Director of Communications for Second Harvest of the Big Bend will talk with Brien about the magnitude of the challenge, and solutions being provided by the network of food charities across Tallahassee and the region.

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