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The systems we rely on, that we trust are safe and secure are subject to external threats as well as our failures to observe the proper protocols we have in place.

Mark Earley

The security of the upcoming Leon County primary election on August 20 relies upon the many people who are charged with the administration of the procedures and protocol required. County officials and staff members, and the many on-site volunteers who will assist voters provide a substantial level of experience and expertise.

Leon County Supervisor of Elections Mark Earley will talk with Brien about the manner in which his office works throughout the year to maintain what has become recognized nationally as one of the most secure and error-free election departments. Special attention has been given to the specific process used to verify individual ballots.

In the face of constantly changing software and relentless cyber-attacks, maintaining the security and efficiency of computer networks is a daunting task. It requires that IT professionals and cyber security experts remain vigilant in their determination to stay one step ahead of industry changes, and malicious attacks.

Kyle Boyd

As part of our Tallahassee Prepared campaign and with an eye on keeping our computer networks safe and prepared, long-time IT professional Kyle Boyd will talk with Brien at length about some of the latest efforts to provide additional security measures and more efficient systems for large and small applications.

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