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Regardless of its size, a city that finds a way to care for those in need creates a sense of community and encourages each of us to join in the effort.

Kathryn Belle Long

With her passing last month on May 23, Kathryn Long left behind a sparkling history of original music, hundreds of grateful students and parents at Swift Creek Middle School, and thousands of fans and followers who loved her and her soft, sweet, country-folk-styled concerts.

Brien will bring us a special tribute to this remarkable Tallahassee native with his reflection on her contributions to our community along with several of her most popular songs including her signature piece entitled “Tallahassee”.

Kevin Peters

Leon County Emergency Management Director Kevin Peters will talk with Brien about the critical importance of staying prepared for severe weather throughout the year as Tallahassee Talks kicks off its 2023-2024 weather preparedness annual campaign “Tallahassee Prepared

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