Our Show

Tallahassee Talks with Brien Sörne is a weekly radio show that celebrates the history, diversity, and creativity of the people of Florida’s capital city.

All of our contributors are leading professionals in their respective fields. They provide an inside look at specific areas of interest including medicine, law, social change, and sports. If you want to dive into the hundreds of episodes we’ve done over the last 10 years, there’s an archive of all our old radio shows.

Our show is broadcast on Moose Magnificat streaming radio at 9:00 Saturday mornings. The show is simulcast on Real Talk 93 (93.3FM in Tallahassee). Also on Moose Magnificat, there are two repeat broadcasts every Sunday at 3:00 pm and on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm. The show is produced by Spatterwork Media & Entertainment, a division of The ALCOM Corporation.

Brien Sörne

Brien is our show host and creative director. As a long-time radio personality, he has talked with thousands of guests during the course of our show and has been part of the Tallahassee community since 1978.As an educator, broadcaster, media executive, and entrepreneur, he maintains a close connection with the people, the discussions, and the contributions that are shaping Tallahassee. As a co-founder of The ALCOM Corporation, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the company. He is also the publisher of Tallahassee Family Magazine and the Development Director for Capstan Marketing.    

Karl Sörne

Karl Sörne is our executive producer and chief audio engineer. He serves as the Chief Operations Officer of The ALCOM Corporation and heads up all audio and web services for the company.

He is a visual artist, photographic producer, accomplished web designer, and IT professional. His keen interest in film and literature and the perfection of storytelling serves our audience with great devotion and breadth of knowledge. He is quoted as saying: “This show is about the learning process inherent in the human race.”