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There is a stirring in Tallahassee. It began many years ago. It is a stirring of thought and of intention. Some of it is by design, and some of it is by default or inevitability. The design portion has come by way of enterprising entrepreneurs, public officials, and community planners. The rest of it is the result of immigration.

People have come to Tallahassee for opportunities in education and have stayed. Others have come looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, while others have retreated to Tallahassee after having been forced out of other communities by personal crises, or natural disasters of one kind or another.

With these shifting demographic changes, old economic systems and the underlying mindset that has dominated the region for generations are being challenged. There have been modest accommodations that some may consider token. A flurry of public meetings concerned with economic development, affordable housing, race relations, land development, and the use of public funds have been more frequent. Of late, more harsh criticisms and public backlash from community leaders have helped to expose more clearly the degree of entrenchment that holds Tallahassee in check.

This show is dedicated to the purpose of discovery. This is your opportunity to discover for yourself who we are, what we bring of value to the world, and what purpose we may play now, and for our future. These are real conversations with all kinds of people. Each one has a story to share. Each one brings us a little closer to knowing the real Tallahassee and embracing the new Tallahassee. After 200 years, we are only now in our adolescence as we get to know better who we are and what we want.

Join us every Saturday morning at 9:00 online, or on your mobile device at Moose Magnificat streaming radio. The show repeats on Sunday afternoons at 3:00, and on Wednesday afternoons at 5:30. You may also choose to subscribe to our podcast version. Tallahassee Talks with Brien Sörne is the production of Spatterwork Media & Entertainment, an ALCOM company.

Brien Sörne

Brien is our show host and creative director. As a long-time radio personality, he has talked with thousands of guests over the course of his broadcasting career which began in 1978. Our show has been part of the Tallahassee community since 2011.

As an educator, broadcaster, media executive, and entrepreneur, he maintains a close connection with the people, the discussions, and the contributions that are shaping Tallahassee. As a co-founder of The ALCOM Corporation, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the company. He is also the publisher of Tallahassee Family Magazine and the Development Director for Capstan Marketing and PR.    

Karl Sörne

Karl Sörne is our executive producer and chief audio engineer. He serves as the Chief Information Officer of The ALCOM Corporation and heads up all audio and web services for the company.

He is a visual artist, photographer, audio producer, accomplished web designer, and IT professional. His keen interest in film and literature and the perfection of storytelling serves our audience with great devotion and breadth of knowledge. He is quoted as saying: “This show is about the learning process inherent in the human race.” He is also the managing editor of Tallahassee Family Magazine, and along with celebrated photographer Dave Barfield, he is the co-owner of the award-winning Lonely Fox Photography.