September 5th 2015 – Bob Schuchts, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


September 5th 2015 – Bob Schuchts

Are you ready for tailgating at the FSU Football stadium? You may be, but your children may not enjoy being at the stadium for hours! POW WOW PARTY TIME TO THE RESCUE! Brien talks with BJ’s Party House, The FSU Kids Club, Camp Indian Springs, Newks, and Rock -It Ships this Saturday. Learn about a great way for kids who do not want to sit in the stadium during the game participate in the Ultimate Native American Experience, at Camp Indian Springs, beginning Saturday, September 5th.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Bob Schuchts will talk with Brien in continuation of his first discussion on his personal history and the healing work of the Holy Spirit in his life and how it carries into his current ministry to others. Bob is the founder of John Paul II Healing Center. He serves there as a counselor and is the author of the book, Be Healed: A guide To Encountering The Powerful Love of Jesus Christ in Your Life.

Business Spotlight host Miriam Dady is joined by Kristie Teal of Accessibility Solutions, which creates safe and accessible environments for their customers. They work closely with local, state and federal agencies and programs, insurance companies and non-profit organizations.