October 17th 2015 – Mike Wood, Leon County Sheriff and Jack Rudloe, Founder and Director of The Gulf Speciman Marine Lab and Aquarium


The Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and Aquarium has been helping the residents of Tallahassee and surrounding communities for the last fifty years. Jack Rudloe, the founder and director, will talk with Brien about all the work that has been done to educate and advocate on behalf of the Gulf Coast marine life so precious to our local economy and the Eco system. Jack’s inclusion in the National Geographic Society’s “Wall Of Heroes” is a further indication of the contribution this one organization has made to all of us and to the world. Brien will talk with Jack about their sixth annual ‘Sharks and Chablis’ fundraiser which happens on Sunday from two pm to six pm at their location in Panacea.

Mike Wood has been with the Leon County Sheriff’s office for thirty-two years. During that time, Leon County has grown in population by one-hundred seventy percent! And in that time, the Sheriff’s office has grown in their ability to preserve and protect the citizens and property of Leon County. Mike will talk with Brien about the latest advancements and programs they have in place, and bring us up to date on his bid for election in two-thousand sixteen.