October 10th 2015 – Micaiah Ward, Doctoral Student at Florida State University and Dr. Bob Schuchts, John Paul II Healing Center in Tallahassee


Dr. Bob Schuchts will talk with Brien about the on-going work he and his team are doing at the John Paul II Healing Center in Tallahassee. Through conferences, teaching and week-long intervention, Dr. Schuchts reaches thousands of people across the country with a simple message: “Be Healed”. His book by that same title deals with this subject in an inspiring and detailed presentation of God’s plan for all of us to live happy and successful lives. The book is available at the Center’s website and at amazon.com.

Micaiah Ward is a promising doctoral student at Florida State University. Her research of venom is opening up new avenues of understanding. Snakes, scorpions, and centipedes are her companions in this work which will help Micaiah and others among her team to better understand the complexities of venom and its application to the medical field.