November 18 2017 – Dr Thom Park, College Athletics, and Randall Webster, Phil Biedenbender and Austin Thorpe, Tallahassee Community Chorus


FSU Football is among the elite college programs in the country. Its reputation for producing NFL superstars and collegiate championships is well established. So, what’s wrong with FSU football this season when their current status is 3-6? Dr. Thom Park, whose career in college athletics as a coach and athletic director that spans several decades, will talk with Brien about FSU’s coaching staff, the changes in ACC football and the massive shift in expectations among sports fans. A losing season for FSU means a loss in revenues for all of those businesses in Tallahassee that are catering to home game crowds and by extension those who look to FSU football for at-home entertainment.

The Tallahassee Community Chorus is celebrating its 30th anniversary as it kicks off its 2017-2018 season with a spectacular performance of Mendelssohn’s Psalm 42 and Five Mystical Songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams. Guest conductor Dr. Anton Armstrong of the St. Olaf Choir will bring his celebrated style of conducting to this performance, not to be missed! Executive Director Randall Webster will talk with Brien about the recent growth of TCC and its world-wide acclaim. Assistant Conductors Phil Biedenbender and Austin Thorpe will join the conversation as they talk about their contributions to the performance, which is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, November 19th, 4pm at Ruby Diamond Concert hall. Tickets can still be purchased.