November 11 2017 – Melanie Mays, The Artist Series, and Danny Bedrosian, George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic


After being on tour for the last several months with George Clinton’s P-Funk, Danny Bedrosian is back home and will be with us this Saturday. Danny will talk with Brien about his latest album entitled Eightfinity, and how Tallahassee’s music scene is changing dramatically. Danny is at the heart of that change. His 13 albums are a remarkable achievement, and provide us great insight into his creative process, and what that means for young musicians who are looking to advance their careers.

The Artist Series has been responsible for bringing Tallahassee some of the world’s most celebrated musicians for decades. Their new Executive Director, Melanie Mays, is a seasoned actress, vocalist, director and producer. Melanie will talk with Brien about the Artist Series’ 2017-1028 season, and their special fundraiser scheduled for Saturday afternoon featuring The Vienna Piano Trio.