June 21st 2014 – Rita Brown, Founder of the Brownsville Preparatory Institute and Rick Weinstein, Performing Arts Center


June 21st 2014 – Rita Brown and Rick Weinstein

Rita Brown, the founder of the Brownsville Preparatory Institute, formerly known as the Brownsville Child Learning Center, will be with us this Saturday. Due to her experience in educating her own children, Mrs. Brown was then inspired to start a program that would educate children at an early age. Mrs. Brown is one of those who has made significant impacts on our community and we are pleased to have her as our guest.

Rick Weinstein will be with us to talk with Brien about the proposed Tallahassee Performing Arts Center. We’ll find out how this long-proposed community project has failed to connect with voters who have voted down the initiative, repeatedly and the impact of the county commissioner’s recent decision to reassign a portion of the funds already earmarked for this purpose.