July 28 2018 – Mark Early, Dustin Daniels and Big Blue


Officially formed in the Fall of 2016, members of Big Blue have collaborated for almost 9 years in various Tallahassee bands. Eric Pate and Jon Wilmot will talk with Brien about their music that conjures a nostalgic atmosphere of Indie Pop, Rock, and Surf, with layered hints of Blues and Southern Rock. Their new CD can be ordered at the following website: catfamilyrecords.com/bigblue

The Tallahassee mayoral race is chock-full of candidates. Dustin Daniels, known for his work as chief of staff to the office the mayor over the last 4 years is one of those candidates. Dustin will talk with Brien about his vision of Tallahassee’s future and his proposed emphasis on social services designed to re-shape the otherwise segmented distribution of resources within Tallahassee’s population.

Leon County Supervisor of Elections Mark Early will talk with Brien about the upcoming primary scheduled for August 28. Early voting begins August 18 and continues through August 26. Among Mark’s accomplishments, he is recognized for having contributed to Leon County being recognized for “statistically, the cleanest county elections in the state.”