July 21 2018 – Russell Daws and Paloma Rambana


For over 60 years, Tallahassee Museum has educated, inspired and entertained members and visitors from around the world with installations, animal exhibits and a host of events that both celebrate our history and point to our future. President and CEO Russell Daws will talk with Brien about his own 27 year history of leadership which has brought the museum growth and greater opportunities. The “Tree to Tree Adventures” zip line experience is a great example of this growth. Special attention will be given to the importance of representing our region’s past accurately in spite of changes in social norms.

Three years ago, Paloma Rambana made her Tallahassee Talks debut as she talked with Brien about her quest to bring public assistance to children afficted with vision ailments. She returns this week to talk with Brien about her amazing journey and her new book “Paloma’s Dream“, co-authored with Hillary Ring. The book chronicles her meetings with political leaders, social service administrators, and media personalities including our own Brien Sorne.

Our “Segment 2” feature this week spotlights the work of Freda King who has been helping aspiring TCC students secure funding through her family’s scholarship program. Established in 2010 to honor her son PFC Brandon Michael King who was killed in action while serving in Afganistan, the program has already funded a number of students in the last eight years. A fundraiser is planned for July 28th from 4 p.m to 9 p.m at Dogwood House in Tallahassee.