September 8 2018 – Robert Clary, Annette Brown and Dave Barfield


Tallahassee Family Magazine has captured the attention of appreciative readers across the region and around the country. Its unique view of Tallahassee’s people and Tallahassee lifestyle is the work of Creative Director Dave Barfield. As a award-winning photographer, designer, and videographer, Dave has an extensive litany of accomplishments going back 25 years. Dave will talk with Brien about his determination to create a magazine for our community that tells our story in a remarkably sincere and engaging manner.

As part of our on-going Tallahassee Prepared promotion, the Tallahassee Fire Department’s Public Educator Captain Robert Clary will talk with Brien about TFD’s ongoing efforts to keep us informed of the latest technologies and common sense practices to prevent fires. Chief Annette Brown will join the conversation in talking about the rigors involved with maintaining a ready force of well-prepared professional firefighters. Special attention will be given to the National Fire Safety Council’s literature program called the Firepup Program that equips school children with much needed educational materials.