September 13th 2014 – Barbara Wescott, creator of PointCatcher and Hemel Patel, founder of KB Studio


September 13th 2014 – Barbara Wescott and Hemel Patel

Hemel Patel will talk with Brien about the future of web marketing and the technologies that are changing the pace at which we do business. As the founder of KB Studio in Tallahassee, Mr. Patel has keen insight into web development and the best design techniques for websites and a first-hand view of how Tallahassee’s techno-community is emerging.

PointCatcher is a web-based customer rewards solution created by Barbara Wescott to provide business owners the opportunity to participate in an affordable and easily-managed rewards network. Working with local business development agencies and with the emerging start-up business community in Tallahassee, Ms. Wescott was able to formulate her idea and find the resources and guidance she needed to make it a reality.