October 6 2018 – David Wheeler, Yasmin Khan, Kim Sineath and Matt Hagel


The “New Tallahassee” includes the realization that Tallahassee is larger than a few zip codes. In fact, the Tallahassee metro area includes the 5 counties that make up the Tallahassee-Thomasville MSA. Over the last several decades, Thomasville has revitalized its downtown and has attracted retailers and restaurateurs to this revitalization. Chop House On The Bricks is a shining example of this activity and features the celebrated work of Master Chef and Owner Matt Hagel. Matt will talk with Brien about his remarkable career and his commitment to the local fresh-to-table dining experience.

The Learning Pavilion began in 1976 with the mission of providing early learning opportunities for children up to six years of age. Program Director Kim Sineath will talk with Brien about the remarkable achievements this talented group of child educators and care-givers have made among the hundreds of families and children in the course of their operation. Special attention will be given to their up-coming event “Trunk Or Treat” on October 26th from 5-7pm.

The up-coming Alzheimer’s Association Walk To End Alzheimers is scheduled for October 13th at Cascades Park. Chair David Wheeler and Development Manager Yasmin Khan will talk with Brien about the significance of this event as a fundraiser and critical opportunity to raise awareness of the impact that Alzheimers has on individuals and their families.

Musician, producer, and radio talk show host Danny Bedrosian continues to advance his contributions to the local music scene. Among his contributions, Danny performs often at Chop House On The Bricks in Thomasville. Danny will talk with Brien about his long-running work with George Clinton, his own musical accomplishments, and his contributions to other emerging artists. “Danny On Everything” airs monthly on MooseMagnificat.com Friday at 5:30pm and Sunday at 1pm.