May 25 2019 – Deep Brewing and The New 76ers


It’s Memorial Day weekend and Tallahassee Talks is remembering all of those who have given their lives in defense of our freedom with our heartfelt thanks to the families of these fallen heroes.

Brien will recall the history of this special holiday and consider many of the traditions associated with our national observance.

DEEP Brewing Company has already begun capturing the attention of beer makers and beer lovers across the region and around the country for their extensive number of varieties and their unique business model for the distribution of their products.

Founder and Head Brewer Ryan LaPete, and his brother Blair LaPete who serves as the director of distribution for Greater Depths Distributing will talk with Brien about the inspiration for this enterprise, the manner in which the two men balance their individual skills in harmony with one another, and how it is that Tallahassee’s economy and culture have been beneficial.

In the second hour, The New 76ers will join Brien to bring their rich, lyrical music and lots of laughs as Danny, Kelly, and Brian talk with Brien about the early days in the career and what makes their unique sound so memorable.