May 21 2016 – Vincent Hunt, Founder and director of Creators Camp and Mark Russell, violinist, composer, and teacher


Creators Camp is creating opportunities for students, mentors, teachers and parents to come together in revolutionary ways, all aimed at making discovery and putting into play the given talents of these students in real-time, real-life creations. Founder and director, Vincent Hunt will bring us up to date as he talks with Brien about “cohort building” that puts students with one another in small groups along with a “cohort builder” who moderates and facilitates growth and creative expression for each student. Creators Camp is a year-round learning, skill acquisition and development experience designed to prepare America’s young, emerging creators and innovators for the future. They do this by encouraging K-12 creators and innovators to: Embrace their creativity, exercise their capacity to innovate and grow through skills acquisition. Taking a holistic approach, Creators Camp helps young creators and innovators develop their natural skills and abilities while acquiring new ones through hands-on experiences. Creators Camp celebrates creative confidence and nurtures creative/critical thinking, communication, collaboration and buildership.

Mark Russell is a violinist, composer, and teacher. He began studying violin at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. In his late teens, he became interested in Jazz, Blues and traditional music from Ireland and Australia. He moved to the United States in 1994 and currently lives in Tallahassee. Brien talks with Mark about his diverse career and enjoys performing at local venues, festivals and events in Tallahassee. He will also perform live for us!

Marc Weeks is a business analyst with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in Tallahassee. He received his bachelors in Management Information Systems from Florida State University. Marc talks with Brien about his eighteen years in the food service industry, and how during that time he developed an idea to build a mobile application to help cut down on wasted food for restaurants. He calls it “Hapi App” and is now in the process of securing funding through his Kickstarter campaign.