May 17th 2014 – Curtis Richardson, Candidate for Tallahassee Commission Seat 2, and Ryan Kopinsky and John Perkins, Developer of Shop X


May 17th 2014 – Curtis Richardson Candidate for Tallahassee Commission Seat 2 and Ryan Kopinsky Developer of Shop X

Curtis Richardson was a member of the Florida House of Representatives from district 8 from 2000 to 2008. He will talk with Brien about his current bid for Tallahassee Commission, Seat 2 in the upcoming election and his view of Tallahassee’s emerging development and cultural shift.

Shop X has been presented to Google for inclusion in their line up of apps being considered for Google Glass. This “wearable technology” has already been raising eyebrows in the technology world and among consumers for its ability to provide users with the ability to record audio/video, take photos, and access data. Tallahassee-based creators of Shop X, Ryan Kopinsky and John Perkins will bring us inside their vision and talk with us about the offerings of this unique application.