March 9 2019 – Ron Frazier and Tom Mikota


As an artist, developer, supervisor, and entrepreneur, Tom Mikota brings a broad perspective to the business of film production, virtual reality, and augmented reality. It allows him to solve production problems quickly from multiple angles, and see paths toward new production technologies. Tom will talk with Brien about his pioneering work on such films as Avatar, King Kong, Happy Feet, and District 9. His consulting firm CG Lumberjack helps studios manage their production lines through a combination of AI and automation. Since 2016, Tom has been teaching at FSU helping students understand the integration of new technologies and real-time rendering through game engines, VR development, and AR research.

As an Entrepreneur in Residence for the Jim Moran Institute, Ron Frazier has worked with hundreds of students over many years helping them develop the skills necessary to pursue their own entrepreneurship and develop their business concepts. Ron will talk with Brien about his most recent contributions focused upon the incorporation of current technologies in these endeavors. As a highly successful business developer, Ron brings a wealth of experience and success to this effort.