March 8th 2015 – Rev. Dr. Ernest Ferrell, President/CEO Tallahassee Urban League; Skip Foster, Publisher Tallahassee Democrat.


March 8th 2015 – April Katine and Skip Foster with Reverend Dr. Ernest Ferrell

Skip Foster is the 10th publisher of the Tallahassee Democrat, and comes to Tallahassee from Ft. Walton Beach where he was the publisher of the North Florida Daily News since 2013. He will talk with Brien about the direction of the newspaper and his initial observations regarding Tallahassee and its future.

In 1969, the Tallahassee Urban League was organized by former Florida A&M University President Dr. Benjamin L. Perry. Dr. Perry and many of his co-founders recognized the need for an agency that could address the many challenges that faced the African-American community and other minorities regarding education, housing, criminal justice, and health care. Reverend Dr. Ernest Ferrell will bring us up to date about the on-going work of this organization and his role as President and CEO.