March 5 2016 – Alissa Rudloe, Co-Owner of Train Fight Win and Vincent Hunt, CEO of Massive Coporation


Word Of South, a festival of literature and music, is coming up April 8-10 at Cascades Park in Tallahassee. Nathan Archer, a local graphic artist and illustrator, will talk with Brien about his role in teaching kids about creating their own comic books during the festival.

Along with all of the other ways in which Tallahassee is changing, Mixed Martial Arts events are taking their place among new sporting activities. Like Ultimate, MMA is attracting young and old alike for its health benefits as well as its unique characteristics. Alissa Rudloe will talk with Brien about this trend and how her business Train Fight Win is offering training to enthusiasts. In addition, the recent controversy regarding the scheduled MMA event will be discussed.

One of our favorite contributors, Vincent Hunt, will talk with Brien about the next expedition of Creators Camp. In keeping with our theme for this week, Vincent will talk with Brien about innovation as a powerful process in which Tallahassee is now engaged. For his part, Vincent has made significant contribution to our changing landscape as this relates to education for young people.