March 1st 2014 – Leon County Resource Stewardship Director, Maggie Theriot :: Singer/Songwriter, Drew Tillman


March 1st 2014 – Maggie Theriot Director of Leon County Resource Management Drew Tillman Singer and Songwriter

Local renowned musician and song writer, Drew Tillman of the Drew Tillman Band will be recapping his performance at the recent 30A Songwriter festival and performing for us live in studio with some of his smoky, folk-rock sounds.

Maggie Theriot will join us to discuss her role as director of Leon County Resource Management and help us understand the measures our county is taking to ensure proper fluidity and safety of the city’s solid waste and sustainability.
Tallahassee Talks Contributor, Heather Thomas editor of Tallahassee Woman Magazine will be with us as she talks with Talent Agent, Marsha Doll. This is a show you cant miss!