July 8 2017 – Jesse and Tyler Rice, restaurant owners, and Kerri Post, Executive Director of the Leon County Division of Tourism Development


Kerri L. Post, executive director of the Leon County Division of Tourism Development (Visit Tallahassee), is a 20-year veteran of the Florida tourism industry. Kerri will talk with Brien about how this agency works to promote Tallahassee economically, by encouraging tourism and developing greater awareness of all that Tallahassee offers. Among some local business organizations, there has been recent discussion of Tallahassee’s need for a recognizable brand. Kerri will share her view of this effort and give us insight into the process of genuine brand development.

Brothers Jesse and Tyler Rice started out their foodie career with after school part time jobs in the trenches of a local pizza restaurant. After high school, the brother’s paths diverged and Tyler went on to study mechanical engineering while Jesse turned his part time job into a passion for food. Jesse went on to intern with some of the tops chefs in the Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee areas and from there Backwoods Bistro was born. After receiving rave reviews in Sopchoppy, Backwoods Bistro moved to Tallahassee in 2012. Now at Backwoods Crossing, the chefs are filling their menus with locally caught soft shell crabs, sausage, duck and blueberries. The brothers will talk with Brien about their 2 restaurants and how the Garden Creations menu changes every week as the best local producers supply their seasonal foodstuffs and the gardens brings forth their bounty. Growing up on a ten acre, 100+ year old plantation house in rural north Florida shaped Jesse and Tyler’s love of the earth and its bounty. Together they have formed a powerful team that brings a unique environment and excellent food through Backwoods Bistro and Backwoods Crossing.