January 28 2017 – Dave Barfield, Lonely Fox Photography and Tallahassee Family Magazine, and Gary Farr and His All Star Big Band Live Show


Tallahassee Family Magazine has been getting a lot of attention since its arrival in 2014. Its focus on the “real” Tallahassee has come as sharp contrast to other publications that tend to focus on affluent and elite lifestyles. Creative Director Dave Barfield will talk with Brien about his vision for this publication and his role as its lead photographer.

Our show concludes with a special re-broadcast of “Gary Farr and His All Star Big Band” which originally aired Wednesday night live from The Moon in Tallahassee on radio station Moose Magnicat. We’ll hear a few of the highlights of the show including a touching tribute to Tallahassee business owner, Hank Madsen.