January 20 2018 – Tallahassee Community Chorus and Steve Bahmer, Leading Age Florida


The state of Florida has the oldest population in the nation. Leading Age Florida is responsible for providing their members with information and resources in caring for this population. These assisted living facilities face increasing challenges between the cost of care and the availability of resources to provide that care. President and CEO Steve Bahmer will talk with Brien about these challenges and what we all need to do in consideration of our own families and our own personal future.

The Tallahassee Community Chorus Annual Unity Concert is coming up Saturday, January 27th, 7:30pm at Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. President Jan Smith and Executive Director Randall Webster will talk with Brien about “Unity 13: Sing for Joy!”. The works of Dan Forrest: “Jubilate Deo”, and Mark Butler: “Not Forgotten” will be performed. You can purchase tickets here.