Februrary 7th 2015 – Brian Moran, Hopewell In-Home Senior Care and Chris Heacox, Director of Opening Nights


Februrary 7th 2015 – Brian Moran and Chris Heacox

The challenge of caring for elderly parents and changes in federal law and insurance coverages will be our topic as Brien talks with Brian Moran with Hopewell In-Home Senior Care.

Author and Futurist, Simon Anderson will talk with Brien about technology trends for 2015. This will be the first of a two-part presentation. As one of our contributors, Mr. Anderson can be relied upon to bring us the latest information and a fresh perspective of technology and its influence in our lives.

​Chris Heathcox, Director of Opening Nights, joins us to lay out the rest of the season for Tallahassee and also the artistic climate in the area​.