February 9 2019 – Elder Care Services and Kerri Post


As Tallahassee’s economic, cultural, and demographic landscapes continue to evolve, this “new Tallahassee” continues to face the challenges of old conceptions and perceptions about who we really are. When it comes to tourism, the impact is dramatic. Those potential visitors from outside our community may be influenced by negative headlines having to do with everything from local officials, crime rates, economic segregation, and controversies related to FSU Football. Kerri Post is the Executive Director for Visit Tallahassee which is charged with the responsibility of advancing Tallahassee’s image and encouraging the growth of tourism. Kerri will talk with Brien about the various projects they have in operation and the progress being made toward these goals.

Tallahassee is recognized around the country as an ideal destination for those seniors looking to retire. Our growing senior population is fortunate to have available the efforts of Elder Care Services. Communications and Public Relations Coordinator Abby Cooke and Director of Volunteers and Engagement Jocelyne “Josie” Fliger will talk with Brien about the expanding role this vital organization is playing for families across the region. Their upcoming event “Big Wheels Deliver Meals” is planned for February 25th to help raise public awareness.