February 3 2018 – Kerri Post and Leon Anderson


Tallahassee is home to some of the world’s finest musicians. Leon Anderson is among them. As Associate Professor and Director of Jazz Studies at Florida State University, Leon has established himself as a powerful contributor to the education of young musicians while being recognized on the world’s stage as a jazz musician in his own right. Leon will talk with Brien about jazz music and this next generation of jazz musicians that he is helping to advance. We will hear some of Leon’s music from a recent performance at The Northside Stage in Tallahassee.

Visit Tallahassee is charged with the responsibility of bringing Tallahassee’s unique festivals, historic sites, and museums to the attention of eager tourists. In all that Tallahassee offers, a new Tallahassee is emerging, and Executive Director Kerri Post will talk with Brien about what her agency is doing to promote this awareness. Over the next 5 years, it is expected that Tallahassee will find its tourism business growing at an accelerated rate requiring that local residents become more active in sharing with their family and friends the many new opportunities that will be available, including hotels, restaurants, concert venues and festivals.