February 18 2017 – Nic and Elam Stoltzfus, Live Oak Productions Group and Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda


“The Great Florida Cattle Drive” debuted this week to a select group of viewers during a VIP reception at Mission San Luis. This monumental documentary is the work of Nic and Elam Stoltzfus with Live Oak Productions Group. This father and son team is well known for such contributive works that chronicle Florida’s unique ecosystems and heritage. They will talk with Brien about the making of this film that will be shown to the public this coming week across the state on local PBS stations. It will air locally on WFSU this coming Thursday evening at 9:00.

Brien will continue his our on-going conversation with Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda regarding “resliency” as a matter of public policy choices and how the checks and balances of our three branches of goverment serve to provide us with resilient solutions when the process is allowed to proceed with extremist groups trying to overide the outcome.