February 15th 2014 – Kristin Lock, Florida PrePaid and Bill Wohlsifer, Tallahassee Talks Contributer


February 15th 2014 – Kristin Lock Florida PrePaid and Bill Wohlsifer Tallahassee Talks Contributer

Proponents of a Florida constitutional amendment to permit the medical use of marijuana have secured enough signatures for the measure to be included on the November ballot. Meanwhile, Florida state legislators have introduced identical bills to legalize medical marijuana treatment in the 2014 legislative session, in a bid to win approval before the amendment on the issue comes up for the public vote. Local attorney and Tallahassee Talks contributor, Bill Wohlsifer, will help us in understanding these various measures and the varying strategies behind these efforts.

With a new year, come new resolutions. 2014 is the perfect opportunity for
families to get college savings on track. With less than one month remaining, families
can purchase a Florida Prepaid College Plan to prepay higher education costs at the
current plan prices until the Feb. 28, 2014 deadline. Kristin Lock, Executive Director Florida Prepaid College Board will talk with us about the options available to Florida families and how a totally redesigned and user-friendly website with a personalized Interactive Conversation
feature is helping to educate families about college savings.