December 17 2016 – Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, House Representative District 9, and Bill Cotterell, Columnist


2016 brought us a presidential election of turmoil and a hurricane of equally disruptive force. Brien will talk with Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda about the nature of “resiliency” as it relates to the ability of individuals, organizations and communities to recover and grow from such turmoil.

In keeping with our discussion of election outcomes, long-time political writer and columnist Bill Cotterell will talk with Brien about national and local events and the unique aspects of this year’s events.

Tallahassee is blessed with a wonderful park system and Associate Producer Andrew Rybeck brings us his first-hand discovery of Cadillac Trail at Tom Brown Park with his go-pro video. Andrew will talk with Brien about his discovery and his ambitions after graduation this week from FSU.