December 16 2017 – Tim Lindafelt,, and Mikhail “Misha” Souponitski, FSU Flying High Circus


When Mikhail “Misha” Souponitski was 26 years old, he defected from the Soviet Union. In doing so, he closed the door on his home country, knowing that he could never return without going to prison for a very long time. His determination to find a better life was supported by his performance as a circus acrobat. And, he spent many years touring Europe with the circus. For the last 13 years, he and his wife made Tallahassee their home, and, of late, he has been volunteering his time with the FSU High Flying Circus as a coach. “Misha” will talk with Brien about his life-long interest in various professions and cultures, and how Tallahassee provides he and his wife a wonderful blending of opportunities and personal enrichment.

FSU Football has completed another season that has brought drama on and off the field in an unparalled way. The recent departure of head coach Jimbo Fisher, the early season loss of starting quarterback Deondre Franciois, the uncharacteristic losses, and a massive hurricane delay have left everyone gasping for breath. Tallahassee Talks contributor and sports writer Tim Linafelt will talk with Brien about this remarkable year and offer insight into next year’s season. The conversation will include the discussion of FSU’s new head coach Willie Taggart, and the remarkable opening of FSU men’s basketball, who are now 9-0.