December 12th 2015 – Paloma and Belen Rambana, Advocates for the Less Fortunate and Dr. Scott Pliskin, Mahan Animal Clinic


It’s Christmas time! And during this wonderful season of the year, we celebrate the joy of giving to the world around us, especially those in greater need. Brien will talk with Paloma Rambana about her on-going effort to give to those children in Florida who need public assistance in dealing with the visual impairment known as Peter’s Anomaly. Paloma’s campaign, “Fund The Gap” has already secured one million dollars for the Department Of Blind Services in Florida.
In addition to children in Florida, students in Jamaica who are in need of basic necessities has become the focus of Paloma’s sister Belen Rambana. For her part, Belen is gathering donations from family and friends to provide personal items and toiletries for school children in Kingston. Both of these inspiring stories bring a heartwarming reminder that during the Christmas season, we all have special opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Long time veterinarian Dr. Scott Pliskin of Mahan Animal Clinic will talk with Brien about the special attention our pets need during the holidays. As one of Tallahassee’s most beloved animal care specialists, Dr. Pliskin brings a wealth of understanding and heart-felt compassion for his clients and his patients. We will learn about those items that present a special threat to our pets’ safety, like, poinsettia and tinsel. Listen live on the radio this Saturday, December 12th on Tallahassee’s Freedom93 WVFT 93.3FM from 9 to 11 am. Or listen live on the web: Can’t listen live? No problem! Go to: Saturday night at 9:30pm. Available as a podcast too. Go to