August 22nd 2015 – Rick Minor, Candidate for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 1 and Mimi Shaw with Diane Whitney, Two Regimes: A Mother’s Memoir Of Wartime Survival


August 22nd 2015 – Rick Minor and Mimi Shaw with Diane Whitney

Rick Minor joins Brien in conversation about his candidacy to run for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 1 currently held by Scott Maddox. Rick is a former chief of staff to the Mayor’s office at Tallahassee’s City Hall and was responsible for both the Mayor’s office and City involvement in various projects, and other major undertakings for Tallahassee, not to mention his extensive private sector business undertakings. Rick will share with us how his love for Tallahassee along his experience, determination and energy make him perfectly suited to tackle the challenges Tallahassee faces.

Imagine finding a memoir and art underneath a house in North Florida only to discover that the manuscript and art work is historic and has global significance! This happened fifteen years ago. Founder of BJ’s Party House, drama instructor and teacher Mimi Shaw and humanities and music teacher Diane Whitney will talk with Brien about the book “Two Regimes: A Mother’s Memoir Of Wartime Survival“. The book contains Teodora Verbitskya’s memoir along with paintings by her daughter Nadia Werbitskya, edited by Mimi Shaw and Kelly Bowen. Mimi and Kelly are working in collaboration to create curricula including lesson plans for Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade. Diane reviewed TWO REGIMES, and was delighted to be involved, as it allowed her to explore the folk music of Russia. Recently, they were granted twenty-five thousand dollars from the Cultural Resources Commission with the Foundation for Leon County Schools and are seeking matching funds.