August 17 2019 – Kim Sineath and David Gussak


The reinvention of anyone’s personality can be an arduous, often painful process. For most of us, it is accomplished over the extent of our lives in a gradual way through social interactions as a function of the natural aging process. For others, it is much more difficult when faced with the stigma of cultural labels that are reinforced by stereotypic thinking. Such is the plight of those incarcerated and looking to start over.

In recent years, the work of art therapists has opened up opportunities for change among prison inmates. The ongoing research and prolific writing of Professor of Art Therapy Dr. David Gussak, FSU Department of Art Education has been instrumental in creating a working understanding of this therapeutic process.

Dr. Gussak will talk with Brien about his latest book entitled “Art and Art Therapy with the Imprisoned” and the further advances of this pioneering work.

In her role as Senior Director of The Learning Pavilion, Kim Sineath has helped to advance the contributions of this remarkable organization. 

Having worked with pre-K children and their parents among a dedicated team of professional educators and social workers over the last 11 years, Kim will bring us some keen insights into child development and early childhood education when she talks with Brien about their mission and services.