August 12 2017 – Re-Air – Michelle Gomez, Director of the Frenchtown Heritage Hub, and Danny Bedrossian, Keyboardist in George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic


We are off this week so we are bringing you some recent favorites.

Michelle Gomez is making contribution to the Frenchtown community and Tallahassee at large at the ground level. Her vision and her determination to advance that vision has been met with both resistance and adulation. Her life long interest in community based social impact programs brought her back to her home town of Tallahassee, and now serves as the director of Frenchtown Heritage Hub. Michelle will talk with Brien about the work of the Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association, and specifically the Frenchtown Heritage Marketplace which seeks to preserve and advance job opportunities, expand access to fresh food and the work of local growers. For the past 4 years, Michelle has led funding, partnership, and design efforts for this 1.3 million dollar project.

Then Danny Bedrossian, George Clinton and the Parliment Funkidelic, joins us to talk about his other projects and leaving for the upcoming P Funk tour.