April 4th 2015 – Mary Ann Lindley, Leon County Commissioner; Claude Walker, CEO of Summit Group; Willy Bolander, co-founder of Go Foster


April 4th 2015 – Mary Ann Lindley and Willy Bolander with Claude Walker

Mary Ann Lindley will be with us on April 4. She is one of two At-Large Commissioners for Leon County. She was elected to the Board of County Commissioners in 2012 after resigning from a long career in journalism to run for public office. Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley currently serves as the 2014-2015 Board Chairman and has served the citizens of Leon County since 2012. Commission Lindley will talk about the number of projects under way and those initiatives she is helping move forward.

Go Foster! is a nonprofit that seeks to improve the child welfare system by recruiting, retaining, and researching great foster and adoptive homes. In north Florida alone there is a deficit of approximately 1100 foster homes. Our immediate goal is to fill that gap!

Claude’s extensive background as a former CPA and a board certified real estate attorney are an asset not commonly found and serve the various business operations of the Summit Group well. Claude’s leadership has greatly expanded the growth of Summit East Technology Park, even in the face of the downturn in the U.S. economy, as well as our retail center at Bannerman and the various real estate holdings in Tallahassee, St. Teresa Beach and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.