April 29 2017 – Tallahassee Songwriter’s Festival


The Tallahassee Songwriter’s Festival is coming to the Tallahassee Museum on May 7 from 2-4pm. Brien will talk with festival organizer Drew Tillman along with featured performers Sarah Mac and Mimi Hearn.

Tallahassee Talks contributor Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda will welcome her guest Brent Pritchard of Tallahassee Conservative Club as they talk about the true nature of conservatism both politically and economically in relation to the development of resilient social institutions.

Co-Host Miriam Dady will welcome her guest Val Rodriguez with Driftour in our Business Spotlight.

Pine Dove Farm is a remarkable contribution to the Tallahassee area featuring the integration of home ownership and farm-to-table living. Mike Ferrie with Prime South Properties will talk with Brien about this first-ever “agrihood” in our community and its sensitivity to the changing needs and interests of its residents.