April 21 2018 – Melanie Mays, Roopali Kambo and Tallahassee Community Chorus


Tallahassee Community Chorus is celebrating their thirtieth anniversary and bringing their 2018 season to a close with their performance of Leonard Bernstein’s “A White House Cantata”. This remarkable stage show was first performed in 1976 in New York as a Broadway musical and has been revived as a cantata for contemporary audiences. The chorus will be accompanied by a full orchestra and celebrated soloists to provide the full production of this work. TC Chorus President Jan Smith and Executive Director Randall Webster will talk with Brien about this upcoming season finale and the unique contributions of the chorus as an organization to our community and audiences around the world. Tickets can be purchased here.

The Fulbright Foundation is dedicated to the betterment of relations between the United States and other nations. Annually, scholarships are awarded to those individuals who demonstrate their individual devotion and their academic prowess toward advancing this cause. Tallahassee Community College Associate Professor of Graphic Design Roopali Kambo will talk with Brien about her planned research project as a Fulbright Scholar in the coming months. Roopali will be studying the impact of typography on the Hindi language while she is doing her research in India.

April is alive with festivals, musicals, and concerts. Melanie Mays will talk with Brien about her production of Smoke On The Mountain, produced by Monticello Acting & Dance Co. at the Monticello Opera House, April 20th through April 29th: 2 weekends and 8 shows! Melanie is also the Executive Director for The Artist Series which will conclude its season of chamber music with the performance of Kouzov Duo at Opperman Music Hall on Sunday April 22nd.