April 20 2019 – Rethink Energy Florida and HERC


Tallahassee’s Holocaust Education Resource Council is devoted to keeping each generation mindful of the atrocities that were committed in Nazi Germany. The organization provides school teachers and the general public with valuable educational materials and hosts a variety of events throughout the year with this same mission in mind.

Executive director Barbara Goldstein will talk with Brien about the upcoming unveiling of a remarkable mural at Tallahassee Community College on April 28, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Barbara is joined by FSU Art Therapy professor David Gussak, Ph.D., ATR-BC. who was instrumental in overseeing this project along with graduate students from the Department of Art Education, Florida State University. The design aims to communicate themes of resilience and hope, while also acknowledging the history behind the unspeakable atrocities of the Holocaust. The children in the foreground are seen nurturing vibrant green grass that is seen growing from the train tracks of Auschwitz, while also watering blue iris flowers, which are symbolic of faith and hope. The message of life and hope for teaching the next generation. 

The annual Earth Day observance is Monday, April 22. Kim Ross, Founder and Executive Director of Rethink Energy Florida will talk with Brien about the work of this organization that provides environmental advocacy, and educational opportunities for school children and the general public.