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Getting one’s point across, making one’s case, and establishing one’s position in what is a highly competitive marketplace of ideas requires tenacity, temperament, timing, and tough skin.

Liz Joyner

The Village Square is dedicated to bridging intellectual divides through ongoing discussion and spirited disagreement.  Working with a variety of community partners, the organization offers more than 30 programs a year. Nationally, it assists other communities with their civility efforts and provides support as needed. 

Founder and CEO Liz Joyner will talk with Brien about the current state of civility in Tallahassee and a number of The Village Square’s upcoming dialogue-fostering programs planned for this year.

Alan Laney

Alan Laney, originally from East Tennessee, is an accomplished musician, and a man of many talents. He is a veteran singer/songwriter whose works have been recorded by an impressive list of Bluegrass and Country artists.

Alan will talk about his lengthy career and his songwriting process. Along with fellow musician and Afterstation Records producer Scooter Price, Alan will bring us a live performance of his latest song “Right to Survive”.

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