June 7th 2014 – Fabio Vargas, Efficient Systems LLC and Jonathan Shih, General Capacitor International


June 7th 2014 – Fabio Vargas and Jonathan Shih

The Co-Founder and CEO of  Efficient Systems, LLCFabio Vargas will be with us this Saturday to speak on his new introduction to the community, the e-bike. The e-bike will serve as an alternative mode of travel for residents in the city. Vargas will share with us his purpose for this new introduction and the impact he is looking to make in the city of Tallahassee.

Jonathan Shih of General Capacitor, LLC, will also join us to discuss the supercapacitor. This product is designed for fast energy storage and delivery. We will speak on the impact this will have on energy, automotive,  and the general consumers use of electricity in devices.